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Monobloc Actuator Collection

The Monobloc Actuator chronograph revolutionized the stopwatch function in wristwatches. Instead of using two push-pieces, it features a single rocker switch. This switch is integrated into the case and inspired by the Porsche 911 RSR. With its ability to display two time zones at once, this timepiece is the ideal accessory for frequent travelers.

1919 Collection

The 1919 collection is best described as functional, elegant, and minimalist. These watches focus on the essentials with their large, dark dials and Arabic numerals. The design is defined by cut-out lugs and a smooth transition into the bracelet.

Watches Imprinted with Porsche's DNA

The Porsche 911 has been fascinating automobile fans since its debut in 1963. Designed by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, it quickly became a motoring legend. Its success story continues to this day thanks to the perfect harmony of form and function. This philosophy is also reflected in Porsche Design's timepieces. Every model carries a piece of Porsche's racing DNA.

Balancing Technology and Design

Porsche Design's watches are true precision instruments and have revolutionized the Swiss watch industry by using technology from the automobile sector. Their designers and watchmakers are constantly working to deliver functional timepieces with optimal precision and performance. The result is a catalog full of breathtaking watches with distinctive lines and excellent functionality.

Minimalist Designs, Revolutionary Technology

The Chronograph I was the first watch Professor F.A. Porsche ever crafted. Its minimalist, matte black design had a profound effect on the watch industry. Like the Porsche 911, the Chronograph I is a timeless classic. Porsche Design was also the first watchmaker to use titanium in its watches. This material is especially light and robust.

For a World on the Go

Porsche Design is always challenging the status quo by developing new watches with extraordinary functions. One example is their travel watches, which offer alarm and world time functions that are perfect for frequent travelers. A single press of a button changes the time to another part of the world – an essential feature for any globetrotter.

The Founder

Professor F.A. Porsche founded Porsche Design in 1972. His creations are characterized by unmistakable lines with roots in race car design. Like the Porsche 911, every creation is focused on optimizing functionality while eliminating unnecessary elements. As the saying goes, less is more.